Who We Are

The Centre for Democratic Empowerment is a research and advocacy think tank established to advance democratic values, rule of law and accountable public expenditure.

Our Core Mandate.

  • To ensure a peaceful co-existence among all manner of people irrespective of their diverse social, racial, religious, gender, ethnic and cultural background.
  • To promote a transparent and accountable public expenditure.
  • To advance and promote the tenets and principles of right to information.
  • To campaign and advocate for free, fair transparent and acceptable elections.

Our Vision

  • We envisage a society of absolute equal rights and justice for all manner of persons.
  • We look forward to a society devoid of corruption and reckless dissipation of public funds.
  • To achieve a system where natural resources and public funds are judiciously used to advance infrastructural developments in the area of health, education, security, justice, roads and job opportunities.
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What We Do

We strive to achieve our goals through our carefully tailored Programs, Events and News with the requisite and information technical know how, materials and facilities capable of enhancing our goals and objectives. Most of our activities are centered around the under listed;

Human Rights Advocacy

Ensuring that people may exercise their rights and that governments are held responsible for defending and advancing human rights.


Poverty Eradication

The goal of poverty eradication systems is to eradicate or drastically reduce poverty.


Free and Fair Election Campaigns

These efforts aim to make sure that the process is impartial, open, and inclusive and that all opinions are heard.


Anti-Corruption Campaigns

Anti-corruption programs aim to eradicate corruption and lessen its detrimental effects on society.


Right to Information Campaigns

This campaign helps grant citizens the legal right to access information kept by public institutions.

Press Release: Reject Anti-GAY Bill, CDE petitions parliament of Ghana.

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